WATERLOGIC Thirstpoint Instant Counter Top Boiler

WATERLOGIC Thirstpoint Instant Counter Top Boiler

How much time is wasted every day by staff filling a kettle and waiting for it to boil? Is it 30 minutes, an hour or more? After putting a value on that time it’s easy to calculate how much it costs in a year – just to boil a kettle.

The Thirstpoint Instant Counter Top hot water boiler eliminates this waste of time and money by providing a constant supply of boiling water on demand. Up to 10 litres of boiling water can be drawn off at any one time.


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Product Description

WATERLOGIC Thirstpoint Instant Counter Top Boiler

  • Energy saving eco mode
  • Suitable for high volumes of use
  • White or stainless steel model
  • Up to 170 cups of boiling water / hour

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Available to Purchase or Lease

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